About Us

Passionart wedding photography was founded in 2020 and during a very short period managed to
cater to a remarkably happy huge clientele.

About us

It is our passion to create impressive images of the splendour of your wedding day -the day you become The King and The Queen. Glittering moments of charm and elegance will be portrayed in sparkling beauty to make precious memories.

We take delight in capturing each glowing moment, every beautiful move and graceful stance. Through our ‘frames’ we will make you see what a beautiful beginning you had in the new chapter of your life.

We will be doing all this without making the slightest change to the natural flow of joyous events happening all around you. Our friendly disposition will enhance your smiles and augment your enthusiasm and make us ‘click’ the best pictures of yours.

We love working with people and we wish their photos to be authentic expressions of who they are! We always aim to capture your candid natural appearance and to have a stress-free shooting throughout. Our team will be best of friends of you and your loved ones in keeping you stress-free on your Big Day.

Let us create wonderful pictures of your most colourful day and make them light up multitudes of beautiful memories in the years to come.