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Moments of grace & charm in your wonderful wedding day will be captured with passion & art – to create images of most radiant beauty.

Split seconds of glowing splendour will be made to freeze in time creating fabulous pictures of this memorable day.

Our disposition will enhance your smiles, add to your enthusiasm and make us ‘click’ the best pictures of your beautiful wedding day.

Let us create wonderful pictures of this most colourful day in your life and make them rekindle treasured memories for many years to come.

Our Services

In each and every setting our aim is to excel and we strive to do our best. Featured here are a few albums we consider as having a variety of features comparable to many colours of the rainbow.

We seek to portray all brides & bridegrooms in their own natural style and we make the photos to be expressions of their natural charm. Blending that style with our creativeness we strive to make their wedding day photos to be really awesome.

Your Wedding

Joyous celebrations of the first golden steps in a marvellous new journey in life of love, hope and happiness!

Your Engagement

Glorious occasions in celebration of the most beautiful vow – made with love and deepest commitment!

Your Pre-shoot

Pre-shoots portray the harmony between that unique beauty and radiant love. It is a portrayal of their true character, colour and charisma.

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Colombo, Sri Lanka

Our Client Experience

We are in receipt of a remarkable array of heart warming tributes sent by our esteemed clients. We count them as the biggest inspiration to make us excel in all our future endeavors in photography. We humbly bow our heads to our clientele with gratitude for sending those beautiful bouquets of their honest opinions.

Some Tips For You

Planning a wedding is an exciting and sometimes overwhelming adventure that involves bringing your dream day to life. Here we are sharing some tips that we think will be helpful to you in planning your wedding day.

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Celebrating Love and Cherishing Moments

Alright, lovebirds, you’ve got this! Remember the most important things on your wedding day: love, connection, meaningful ceremonies, cherished loved ones, emotional intimacy, creating lasting memories, and celebrating your unique

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Wedding Planning Sri Lanka

Planning an Unforgettable Wedding Day

Wedding-Planning! Planning your wedding day is an adventure filled with love, laughter, and beautiful memories in the making. Embrace your dreams, set a budget with some flexibility, find the perfect

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